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Pediatric Occupational Therapy

Looking for pediatric occupational therapy services? Look no further than Southland Therapy Services. We offer caring and exceptional pediatric OT services that improve the quality of life and the potential for success of each child. Our family support and education for parents will help you reach your child's goals while teaching you how to create therapeutic opportunities yourself. We provide treatment where the child spends most of their time, so you can be assured they will receive the best care possible!

What Is Pediatric Occupational Therapy?

Our state-licensed pediatric occupational therapists will evaluate, organize, and conduct medically prescribed occupational therapy for pediatric and adolescent-aged children. Our therapists will direct the patient and caregiver in selected tasks to restore, reinforce, and/or enhance performance. We will focus on fine motor, visual-motor, and sensory processing skills needed for basic activities of daily living. This may include help with feeding andor dressing, improving handwriting, going to the bathroom independently, and many other age-appropriate skills.

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The Importance of Pediatric Occupational Therapy

In addition to improving skills needed for activities of daily living, pediatric occupational therapy also helps children develop the ability to interact with their environment. This is accomplished by working on sensory processing and integration, which refers to the way the nervous system receives information from the senses and turns it into an appropriate motor or behavioral response. When this process is not functioning efficiently, a child may have difficulty with coordination, praxis (the planning and execution of skilled movements), self-regulation (the ability to control emotions and behavior), and social skills.

A pediatric occupational therapist can also play an important role in identifying early signs of a mental health disorder. They provide services to children who are diagnosed with a range of mental health and behavioral disorders. The goal of pediatric OT is to help children lead independent, productive, and satisfying lives.

How do I know if my child could benefit from Occupational Therapy?

Behavior deteriorates when schedule changes

Difficulty getting to sleep and easily awakened

Avoids playing with other children

Avoids eye contact with caregivers

Resists being cuddled

Upset if clothing, hands, or face is messy

Unaware of a wet or dirty diaper

Upset when placed on their back to change diapers or wash hair

Craves increased movement/roughhousing

Becomes overstimulated easily

It takes overly amounts of stimulation to get a reaction (i.e., Being swung in the air higher than that of peers, playing in the water, spinning objects, mouthing objects, vibration)

Difficulty with small manipulative: not using two hands together, lack of pincer grasp after the age of 1 yr.

Does not use the index finger to point to pictures/ objects or insert into small holes by the age of 10-11 mos.

Does not pull socks off

Does not turn pages of thick cardboard book by age 15 mos.

Difficulty with feeding self or accepting different foods

Letson, OTR/L

The Benefits of Pediatric Occupational Therapy

Pediatric occupational therapy comes with a variety of benefits for your child. With the help of Southland Therapy Services, your child can boost their self-esteem and sense of accomplishment. And with our pediatric OT, your child will increase their independence in daily activities as well as address sensory processing. Some more benefits of pediatric occupational therapy are:

  • Improved fine motor skills
  • Better handwriting
  • Greater self-esteem and sense of accomplishment
  • Aid in daily activities
  • Help kids play
  • Improve school performance
  • Boost self-esteem
  • And much more!

If you have any questions or would like to schedule an appointment, contact our team. We look forward to helping your child thrive in pediatric occupational therapy!

Schedule Your Child for Pediatric Occupational Therapy

Schedule at Southland Therapy Services today! Your child’s pediatric occupational therapist will develop a plan of care that is specific to your child’s needs. The frequency and duration of therapy will be based on your child’s individual goals and what works best for your family. At Southland Therapy Services, we offer exceptional pediatric occupational therapy services in Savannah, Georgia. Contact us to schedule an appointment for your child or stop by our Georgia or South Carolina locations.

Insurances We Accept at Southland Therapy Services

At Southland Therapy Services, we are proud to accept most commercial and government insurances. We are passionate about providing pediatric occupational therapy to all those who qualify and strive to grow our list of accepted insurances. If you do not see your insurance provider listed below, that does not mean you're not covered. Check with our team at Southland Therapy Services as well as your insurance provider to check your coverage options and benefits. Here is a partial list of insurances we accept below:


At Southland Therapy Services, we're here to help give you a better understanding of pediatric occupational therapy and how it can help your child. We're a pediatric occupational therapy clinic that provides expert care for children of all ages. Our highly trained staff offers a wide range of services to meet the unique needs of each child we serve. Contact us today to learn more about our pediatric OT services or to schedule an appointment. We look forward to meeting you and your family!

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